Maddy’s Day At The AutoMotorPlex

Awhile back Maddy’s father placed a Craigslist ad looking for someone that could provide his autistic daughter the gift of a ride in her dream car, a Lamborghini. As luck would have it we saw the ad and gathered our friends to make something special happen for her. This was truly a a special day for all of us.

Updated: We received the following message from Victor we wanted to share with everyone evolved in helping make Maddy’s day the amazing and memorable day it was. It would not be possible without each of your generosity to our call for help.

“About a month ago, Bruno was kind enough to allow me and a out-of- town friend to tour the facility on a non-public day. We ran into a garage owner and had a great conversation. However, Maddy’s Day is really special. Please extend my appreciation to all the car owners who participated and , of course, to Bruno.”
~ Victor

Checkout the stories below to learn more about Maddy and our very special community here at the AutoMotorPlex™.

Maddy’s Day from Viking Video on Vimeo.

Read the story…On The Fast Track To A Wish Come True
Star Tribune 11/28/2011

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